Just a simple girl from the beach who loves to have fun in the sun, travel and be behind the lens

I work hard and I play hard. I like to live, love and laugh. I am inspired by color, nature and happiness. I like really hoppy beer  and pistachio gelato. My favorite part of a road trip is to not know where I am going until I get there.

As a professional photographer I approach my subject with the goal of  creating a visual story. Any subject has a story to tell and paying attention to details allows the subject to speak for itself. At a wedding hundreds of people are celebrating your day.  When photographing children, I pay attention to their actions while they are playing which presents, real, unposed moments. Food can become so vibrant in an image it arouses your sense of taste and smell. That is what great photographing should do, awaken the senses and make the image come alive. 

I am available for hire for  Weddings, Events, Families, Food, Commercial,  Fine art and stock photography. 

Please contact me for pricing and information about your particular photographic needs.  

Email: charmedplanetphotography@gmail.com

Phone: 505-670-0352